Through its state of the art and high tech SpeakUp system, People Intouch enables dedicated client company officers to communicate directly – by telephone or the Internet - with (anonymous) employees and other associates. The dedicated company officer and employee each communicate entirely in their own language, and both have time to formulate their message carefully and can even ask for advice. The SpeakUp system is uniquely designed to act as a safety net, a ‘last resort’ reporting channel for the most serious and sensitive issues that otherwise would not be reported. A Case Management System allows compliance officers to keep track of incoming misconduct reports, to manage them in an efficient and simple way, and to be able to report and act on them in an accurate and compliant way. 

Persistence IT is responsible for the development of the software for the SpeakUp system and the Case Management System. The software is developed with one common source base, but still highly configurable and customizable to allow customers to realise the best fit to their internal processes. Because of its nature, Persistence is responsible to deliver SpeakUp software with a high level of security and privacy protection.

GGZhuis is a platform that allows general practice doctors to redirect patients quickly to the best mental healthcare in the neighborhood. GGZhuis is an initiative of general practice doctors in Zwolle organized in HRZ. By initiative of the GGZ-commission, in cooperation with Medrie and Progrez, a support platform is developed to be ready for the broader mental healthcare responsibilities of general health practice doctors. By means of the GGZhuis, knowledge will be shared and cooperation will be further enabled.

Persistence IT is the technical partner in the project. In this project we combine the advantages of a service-oriented architecture with those of having a CMS by using Drupal 8. As a result, we can leave the process of managing data to an off-the-shelf product and focus entirely on the frontend application for the end users. For this project, a number of interfaces to external systems will be built.

Sagaam is a story-telling platform for people to write their own story in a simple way and for free. On Sagaam you may read exiting and often recognizable stories that can inspire to start writing stories yourself. Be sure that your story is worth sharing! By combining all these stories and memories, we create a collective memory while retaining a wealth of wonderful information for our children and grandchildren!

Persistence IT is responsible for all technique behind Sagaam. We realized a coupling with ElasticSearch that allows the system to provide readers a selection of stories tailored especially to their interests. The service-oriented architecture allows us to build a session-less application that is performing very well and is suitable for large number of visitors